File: April 2008

2008-04-21 :: admin // Photos
Dead Ends project

“Of the 155 homicides in the Greater London area in 2007, 26 victims were teenagers: 18 were stabbed, eight were shot. The shootings have a particular resonance, with the UK being a country with strict gun control laws. These are the streets where these eight shootings occurred.” I finished this project in January and I […]

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2008-04-16 :: admin // Miscellaneous
Here I am

[UPDATED 8th December 2009: I re-read the post that was originally here, pictured above, the other day. I hated it for various reasons, including the irritating tone and the links and references that I made that are no longer relevant to my outlook at all. So in the spirit of totalitarian revisionism I killed it […]

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